Optimyse Nutrition

No fuss or overpromising

Optimyse Nutrition

No fuss or overpromising

Let’s be real

Improving our diet and health cannot be done overnight but I can help you achieve your goals with simple, yet science-based, advice that is based on your DNA, diet, food preferences, lifestyle, and health.

So what makes me qualified to help you?

  • PhD in nutrition and genetics

  • Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition (the only UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists recognised by Public Health England and the NHS)

  • Actively educating future personalised nutrition professionals

  • Actively researching in nutrition and genetics, making sure I am up to date and contributing to the latest evidence

  • Deep knowledge of laboratory procedures that is essential to understand how your DNA is analysed

Btw, I am also a human being and enjoy my food (a lot!). So I understand that you should too! If you choose Optimyse Nutrition, there will be no clean eating or detox diets, just a simple and clear advice that fits into your life and that, most importantly, you can sustain.

Say goodbye to generic advice and welcome a personalised approach that suits you.

Read more about my services and how nutrigenetic testing can help with your goals.


“Leta was professional throughout and provided some really practical suggestions on how to adapt my diet based on my results. She really listened to my food preferences/habits to make sure the suggestions were realistic and easy to integrate into my daily life” Nikki, London