Navigating My Health: Insights from My DNA


In today’s fast paced world, knowledge is really important to living a healthier life. Understanding our DNA is one such tool that empowers us to make informed choices about our wellbeing. Join me as I share how knowing my DNA has given me control over my health journey.

Caffeine Sensitivity

One element of my genetic makeup is my sensitivity to caffeine. Recognising that excessive consumption can lead to increased blood pressure and potential future heart issues, I’ve chosen to limit myself to one morning cup of coffee. When I crave the taste later in the day, I opt for decaf. This way, I can enjoy the flavour without compromising my health.

Salt Sensitivity

Another aspect of my DNA influencing my health choices is my sensitivity to salt. Knowing that too much can raise my blood pressure, I’ve become mindful of my salt intake. While reducing it isn’t always easy, I’ve experimented with using less while cooking and exploring alternative seasonings for flavour. Though there may be times I slip up, I know that consistent effort is important for my health, especially as I get older.

MTHFR Genotype and Folate Intake

As a woman of childbearing age, I’m particularly interested in how my MTHFR genotype affects my folate needs. Since my genes predispose me to a potentially higher need for folate, understanding this, I’ve taken steps to ensure my folate intake is sufficient, especially as I plan for children in the future. Regularly taking a folic acid supplement and incorporating folate rich foods into my diet have become part of my routine.


Understanding my DNA has been a journey of self discovery and self care. By recognising how my genes influence my response to caffeine, salt, and folate, I’ve been able to make informed decisions about my health. We are all human, so I do slip up, but I’m committed to making small changes that lead to significant improvements. Remember, it’s important to keep consistent if you want to see lasting change. Although knowing our genetic make up can help us choose more effective ways to manage our health and wellbeing, it still takes time and effort.